Michel Delafontaine Portraits
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The drawing
The Process
Usually, the artist will take a series of photographs from which one or more will be used to produce the portrait.
The composition is generally done at the photography.  Minor changes may be applied, to the portrait or to the background.
Once the picture is taken, the artist proceeds with a drawing, either with oil paint or pencil.
The values
The artist is now working on the tonalities he sees.  As for the values, adjustments are made constantly to the colors to bring the portrait to the actual skin and hair tones.
The finishing
The artist applies the final touches to the portrait, mostly to the eyes, nose and cheeks to account for the reflected light.  The secret is know when to stop.  This is the finished product.
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The tonalities
The artist is now working within the boundaries of the drawing to apply the values (the darks and the lights) he sees.  Adjustments are made constantly to bring the third dimension into the plane of the canvas.